Administrative Staff

Mrs A. van Aarde

Ms H. Le Roux


Contact Details:  Tel: 021-876 2079   Fax: 021-876 3500 

Email: admin@franschhoekhs.wcape.school.za


At Franschhoek High School our view is always that each child has a basic right to education and for this reason our admission is as open as possible. However, every learner applying for admission at the school must know that there are a few factors that must be considered.

  1. The school has been identified by the Education Department as a dual medium school. 
  2. The school has a capacity concerning the number of learners that can be accepted annually.
  3. Our medium of instruction is Afrikaans and English.
  4. We are all sustained by the Creator and each one that forms part of the school must  internalize this view.
  5. All students must strictly adhere to school rules.
  6. The authority of the staff must be accepted and honoured.
  7. Every student must be actively involved to promote the interest of the school.
  8. Parents/Guardians must recognize, promote the above mentioned and accept their responsibility.