Everyone stresses a bit when faced with a test or exam. By doing the following you will be prepared and achieve good marks:

  • Make sure WHAT you are writing about. Who wants to learn the wrong work?
  • Make summaries about the work BEFORE you start to study. By doing this you will have gone through your work at least once before you start to study.
  • Compile a test or exam timetable. Specify WHAT you are going to study WHEN.
  • If you have questions, ASK your teacher.
  • Make sure whether you need something extra for the paper, for example a calculator or a protractor. You must have at least TWO pens of the same colour which can write neatly.
  • Read through the question paper before you start writing. Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly. Often one loses marks because you did not do what the paper expected from you.
  • If you can’t answer a question, go to the next question. You can always come back later and answer  the question.
  • Lastly, plan how much time you will need for each question. If a question counts a lot of marks, spend more time on it. It does not help to spend a lot of time on questions that count little marks. Be smart, and quickly plan how much time you can spend on each question.