Sports Policy


1. It is the aim of Franschhoek High School to provide every learner with the opportunity  to participate in sport and cultural activities that the school, through its structures are able to provide.

2. It is our aim to inculcate in our learners a patriotism levelled at performance for our country by any national team and respect for the motherland.

3. To assist our elite athletes to strive for excellence towards provincial and national representation.

4. To create an atmosphere which would lead to participation by learners in the various extra-curricular activities.


1. Every learner must participate in at least one (1) extra-curricular activity per academic year.

2. Those learners who excel in sport may be allowed to participate in one winter code and one summer code.

3. Learners must be given the opportunity to administer sport codes and cultural activities at the school.

4. Learners must respect the equipment and attire of the school in which ever activity they participate in.

5. Learners must act as ambassadors of the school when representing the school in any extra-curricular outside the school.


1. Every teacher must be involved in at least one extra-curricular activity during the academic year.

2. Teachers with expertise in specific areas of sport or culture must be given preference to lead such activities so that the learners and greater  the school community can benefit from them.


1. The school must provide the infra-structure for all the extra-curricular activities. Where the school is not in a position to do this and a need exists for such activities then the school must seek alternative facilities.

2. The school is responsible for the following items concerning extra- curricular activities:

a)  provide equipment and attire.
b)  provide transport to and from activities for learners.
c)  enlist outside expertise where such expertise cannot be provided by the school community.
d)  fund whatever projects undertaken by the school population and sanctioned by one of the legitimate structures at the     school.

3. Reimburse teachers for transport costs incurred while on duty at an extra-curricular activity.

4. Assist learners who excel at sport or cultural activity - funding and/or expert help.

5. Assist learners and teachers who are selected for provincial or national teams.

6. Encourage teachers to become better qualified in their fields of expertise.

7. Set up exchange programmes with other schools in the province, in the other provinces or outside the country.

8. Set up structures at the school to facilitate the organisation of extra-curricular activities - sports council, cultural group, LRC.

9. Set up a Hall-of-Fame for learners and teachers who have given credence to the name of the school.


1. Assist the school in the above mentioned activities.

2. Parents must encourage their children to participate in the extra-curricular activities provided by the school.

3. Parents to involve themselves in these activities.